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Topic: Admin Plugin

Admin plugin for Nibbleblog

Display Dashboard and Edit links for logged in users.

More information, screenshot(s) and downloads via https://github.com/ForestMist/nibbleblog-plugin-admin


Users who have logged in will be presented with two links when viewing their site. Dashboard and Edit.

The Dashboard link simply takes you back to the Nibbleblog Dashboard.

The Edit link is smart and will redirect you as follows.

  • Viewing a page? Redirect to editing the page.

  • Viewing a post? Redirect to editing the post.

  • Viewing a list of posts? Redirect to Manage Posts.

  • Viewing a category? Redirect to Manage Categories.

  • Viewing tags or 404 pages? Redirect to the Dashboard.

Non-logged in users will not see any output by this plugin.


This plugin is very new so any testing anyone wants to do would be much appreciated. ^_^ Should work with Nibbleblog 3.72 and higher.

Re: Admin Plugin

Hello ForestMist,
great idea to check if the user logued.

Tip to check if the user logued.

global $Login;

if( $Login->is_logued() )
echo 'yes';

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Ah, that is nicer. Thanks!

Updated code at https://github.com/ForestMist/nibbleblog-plugin-admin.

I really enjoy looking through the Nibbleblog code to understand things. So very organized especially when compared to other content management systems. Good job. big_smile

Re: Admin Plugin

I think the name of the method is badly written.

I will change on the next version for is_logged()

Re: Admin Plugin

Ah, that would make more sense to my english brain. big_smile

Re: Admin Plugin

Sorry for my english.

Re: Admin Plugin

No worries. big_smile

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Re: Admin Plugin

Translated Admin Plugin into Chinese Traditional.


$_PLUGIN_CONFIG['LANG'] = array(


Thank you for made this plugin, it's very practical.

Re: Admin Plugin

Very cool ethan. Thanks!

Should I put the code in a file named zh_TW.bit ?

Re: Admin Plugin

HI, ForestMist
yes, the file is zh_TW.bit.

Thank you.

Re: Admin Plugin

Perfect. Translation added to https://github.com/ForestMist/nibbleblog-plugin-admin for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks ethan. ^_^

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Love this, now I all I need is a nice theme really.

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Re: Admin Plugin

nice theme