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Topic: Atomicity error

Hello I have the nibble blog that had the ovni field logo ,one of the elderest and it seems it dont work with mysql database so its very easy to loose configuration,I could post as admin but now I get atomicity error,I used to solve this by turning all blog permissions to 777 but still I cant post as admin,I can post as user and reply to users but cant post as admin ,its always unexpected atomicity error.

Has anyone have this same issue?

I guess that the version of nibble blog is 1.1

Re: Atomicity error

nibble blog 1.1 should be named nibble block since this atomicity can be unfixable,though I know that this happened because of things relating to server migration,but one thing is sure all my other scripts that used mysql database didnt have any functional damage,I guess that Diego NibbleBlog1.1 was I guess your worst invention to date,and as a user of nibbleblog you can have this expirience of mine for the betterment of urs and of this nibbleblog family.We are family I got all my sistars with me.

Re: Atomicity error

Hello Diego dont mess with our stuff,we know that you ripped off some of our graphic design in order to build the logo of your latest project.Yes we know you know who we are.You are like the woman that likes to look at the party behind the courtain and this dont have to do at all that due to the fact we used nibble blog we wont tell you nothing about building from our graphic materials because ur blogs aint worth so we made a favor to you about using nibble blog because it truly sucks and we just tell you that none of our graphic or visual content is allowed to be used without a contract or written permission and according to the law we got the right to sue anybody that comits plagearism to our intellectual property.We sure are not telling we are going to sue you but be aware that is much better to rely on your own designs by scratch because ripping our stuff will for sure hurt your pocket in the future in case the projects where you use our graphic design is succesfull.