Topic: Calling a Plugin in Template by name?


since I'm a user of Nibbleblog i try to solve this problem:

The normally used "call" of a plugin is

    foreach($plugins as $plugin)
        echo $plugin->blog_head();


                foreach($plugins_sidebar as $plugin)
                    echo '<div class="plugin-box '.$plugin->get_slug_name().'">';
                        echo '<h3 class="plugin-title">'.$plugin->database('title').'</h3>';
                        echo $plugin->blog_body();
                    echo '</div>';

This will make ALWAYS happen, that all activated Plugins are "called" at one place - There is only the choice, to deactivate or to activate plugins.

What i need is, to call a single plugin by it's name or by it's ID.

Is this possible? And: Would you show me please, how to do that?

Re: Calling a Plugin in Template by name?

It's solved (by asking on Facebook - Thank you for the support!)

At the place, where a plugins-output should appear, use the code


        echo $plugins_by_name['categories']->blog_body();


In this case the Plugin Categories is called in the template, and where it is called, all categories will appear.