Topic: RSS feed ampersands

If anyone else has this problem, here's how I fixed it-

The problem was that the links to the posts in the RSS feed were bad, it was something weird with the ampersands, see:

<link href="http://.../index.php?controller=post&amp;action=view&amp;id_post=5"/>

In the root folder, in feed.php:

        $rss.= '<link href="'.htmlspecialchars($permalink, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8').'" />' . PHP_EOL;

I changed it to:

        $rss.= '<link href="'.($permalink).'" />' . PHP_EOL;

simple fix!

Re: RSS feed ampersands

Thank you robbykraft, that fixed one of my problems smile

My second problems was that some of my posts had the same ID somehow in the RSS feed. I noticed this when feedly was not picking up the feed.
Workaround was to delete the posts and add them again.