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Topic: [ALPHA] Nibbleblog Backup/Restore Manager

This is an alpha release of a Backup/Restore Manager plugin for nibbleblog.

This is a simple plugin allowing you to take a backup of your contents directory/folder, restore the contents from a previous backup and download locally a copy of the posts/pages.

Nibbleblog Backup/Restore Manager plugin

I adapted this plugin for nibbleblog from the one created by Frédéric K. for the Bludit CMS

Tested under Nibbleblog versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.5

Download from: https://github.com/schlumpfuk/nibbleblo … re-manager

Let me know your thoughts.

NOTE: Whilst I have tested this on my systems (Solaris 11, Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 7) extensively -- Due to the fact the the restore will remove the current content directory I recommend that you a full backup of your nibbleblog site before you attempt the first restore -- just a precaution in cause something goes wrong :-)

+  Add plugins directory into the archive
+  Add the themes folder into the archive

Re: [ALPHA] Nibbleblog Backup/Restore Manager

Nice work smile