Topic: How can i show category in the frontpage?


I have this issue,

I want show the post category in the frontpage, atm NB just show the title, date and summary, can anyone help me with that thing?

Im using the Techie theme

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Re: How can i show category in the frontpage?

Hi there. I'm not sure if this is what you are after, but I edited the post.bit in \themes\ANY_THEME\views\blog\includes\

and added

<a href="<?php echo Url::category(Post::category('slug')); ?>"><?php echo Post::category() ?></a>

...where I wanted to show it. If you're just interested in the text and not the link you should of course just use the

<?php echo Post::category() ?>

I have the category name in the post footer like this:

And since I also needed it in the very same footer within the actual post itself I added the very same line also in the file the post.bit in \themes\ANY_THEME\views\post\includes\ aswell.

Not tested in any other theme, but I can't imagine it working any different really