Topic: Tag cloud

Hi there.
First I wanna thank you for a great application. Nibbleblog fits me great smile

Dunno if this qualifies as a bug or if it's just a "feature" without proper administration...

If I create a new post and within that create 3 new tags (ex: blog, theme, docs) they all end up in the tag cloud.
So far so good.

If I then edit the post and delete all tha tags, they still are present in the cloud, and leads to a blank page (telling "There are no posts").

Also if I happen to misspell a tag, and then edit the post with correct spelling, then both the misspelled and correct tag are left in the cloud.

I know I could fetch the tags.xml in the content folder and manually fix this and then upload the file back up again, but I was kinda hoping for a more user friendly way to solve this.