Topic: Image upload stuck on "uploading"

I am attempting to run Nibbleblog on the following system:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Nginx

  • PHP5

  • Nibbleblog v3.6.1 "Echo"

Everything on the site seems to work, except image uploading. I have tried Chrome and Firefox, just in case it was a browser issue, however when checking the console in Chrome, I always see this error:

GET ~~myserver~~/admin/js/jquery/ 500 (Internal Server Error)

When I click the upload button, it prompts me to select a file and the following shows in the Chrome console:

POST ~~myserver~~/admin/ajax/uploader.php 500 (Internal Server Error) 

When I expand this, it complains about the following functions:

admin.php?controller=post&action=edit_simple&id_post=1:106  /  jquery.js:5

with this error:

(anonymous function) 

Any thoughts?

Re: Image upload stuck on "uploading"

No, have you tried a more current version of nibbleblog?