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Missing one important plugin... Share button for sharing to social network like twitter, facebook, etc...

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checked! thanks

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I would buy you a beer for this feature as long as it included Linkedin Company pages big_smile

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Looks like it would be simple with a jquery add on, but it would need to hook into the template, … Share.html … ns-Sharer/

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Re: Share plugin … f-the-year just using url title msg

<div style="padding:2px;border:3px #eee solid;background-color:#ccc" class="tc noprint">
<!--$url $title $message-->
<a title="Post to Facebook" href="{url}}&amp;t={title}" target="_blank">
<img src="/images/social/24px/facebook.png" class="icon24" alt="Post to Facebook"/></a>

<a title="Tweet This" href="{msg}-{url}" target="_blank">
<img src="/images/social/24px/twitter.png" class="icon24" alt="Tweet This"/></a>

<a title="Send a Link" href="mailto:?subject={title}&amp;body={msg%20url} " target="_blank">
    <img src="/images/social/24px/email.png" class="icon24" alt="Send a Link"/></a>
<a href="{url}" onclick=",
  '', 'menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600');return false;">
  <img src="" class="icon24" alt="Share on Google+"/></a>
<span>&laquo; Share</span>

< a href ="{url}&title={title}&summary={msg}&source={Site%20Name}">LinkedIn</a>

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I added some helpers for themers, to share on Google+, Fb, Twitter, and Linkedin...

Check the Simpler theme with this changes, and you can add some image and uses the helper, I will implement on next themes, and make a plugin too.

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really appreciate your effort.
when you create a plugin for sharing, please add as well. Great growing social platform.

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Addthis can solve this. Really good widget.