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Topic: Request

Would'nt it be useful to have pugins for:

1. Search function on the blog

2. Displaying a numbered id for postings, with option in settings to enable-disable the displaying?

It would be also useful to know if there are comments on a posting, if it's worth to check the permalink or not.

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I will considerate this for future features!

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Re: Request

Hello Diego,

First of all, I'd like to thank you very much for making this amazing database-less blog engine. But, IMHO there are still a couple of things which make Nibbleblog's feature incomplete. So, with respect, allow me to suggest/request the following features to be added:

  1. 'Next post' and 'previous post' navigation (perhaps extending the current $pager variable)

  2. A chronological archives page (complementing the default index.php and feed.php)

Best regards,
Jimmy Ofisia.

Re: Request

Hello merdekaataoemati,
I am working on more features for Nibbleblog, I will considerate yours.

I'm made a new category on the forum (Ideas, Feature Requests for next versions).


Re: Request

Search Plugin http://forum.nibbleblog.com/viewtopic.php?id=790