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Hi everone, today I completed the update the translation into this language (I have taken the English version in github repository for this) as well as I've also updated the translations of some plugins.

The list of updated files is the following:

        modified:   languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/about/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/categories/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/pages/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/quick_links/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/slogan/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/sponsors/languages/es_ES.bit
        modified:   plugins/tag_cloud/languages/es_ES.bit

What would be the way to send the files? Github? Gists? Push in the master branch? hmm

Moreover, there are 3 strings that I was not able to make it show in Spanish despite that are declared in the es_ES.bit file (
maybe they are not set out in the code), these are at the top of the admin panel, these are: DashboardLog out and View Blog.

If you need anything else let me know


Re: Spanish

push on github!


Re: Spanish

Translations availables from here:

By the way, thanks a lot for your time and work, well done!!!