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Topic: Bootstrap theme

Hey, guys!

I just set up a new theme for Nibbleblog using Twitter Bootstrap. Using that, you'll have a responsive blog!

The theme uses the Bootstrap default theme and, for that, it is really gray and 'saltless' but, customizing it to make it nicer, is just a matter of changing the css file included.

You can see a demo at my blog: http://bootswatcher.com/blog (it's a more customized version to work with the rest of the site).
And yeah, the page is about a software to customize Twitter Bootrap styles (guess what: you can use it to customize the look and feel of your blog!)

The theme is on github: github.com/DezminSites/nibbleblog-bootstrap

I hope you like it!

Re: Bootstrap theme

Very cool!
Thanks for this theme, I will upload on the demo.

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Re: Bootstrap theme


Re: Bootstrap theme

you are using Nibbleblog on the bottom ??? is amazing

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If you can, update for work on Nb v3.5, and I will upload on the demo!