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Topic: [ALPHA] EU Cookie Consent Plugin

This is an alpha release of a simple plugin script to handle EU Cooke Law requirements for websites.

EU Cookie Consent plugin

Tested under Nibbleblog versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.5

Download from: https://github.com/schlumpfuk/nibbleblog-cookie-consent

You can see this plugin working on my blog @ http://churchill.ddns.me.uk/

Let me know your thoughts.

Re: [ALPHA] EU Cookie Consent Plugin

How much is the original NB using cookies (for visitors)?
I like the plugin, but not sure I'll be needing it on my NB
I've enabled comments on my posts (the original NB-comments. Not Disq, fb or alike) but that's it really. Maybe I'm required to have this info anyway?