Topic: Syntax highlighting in a textarea plugin html_code

Create a folder in the site root modules, throws back the downloaded script  EditArea
rename the folder with the script in editarea.
The file /admin/templates/easy4/index.bit between the HEAD tags insert code

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="/modules/editarea/edit_area/edit_area_full.js"></script>  
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
     id : "textarea_1"        // textarea id
    ,syntax: "html"            // syntax to be uses for highgliting
    ,start_highlight: true        // to display with highlight mode on start-up
    ,font_size: "12"

The file /pugins/html_code/plugins.bit
change the line

$html .= Html::textarea( array('name'=>'code', 'type'=>'text', 'content'=>$this->database('code')) );

on line

    $html .= Html::textarea( array('name'=>'code', 'id'=>'textarea_1', 'type'=>'text', 'content'=>$this->database('code')) );

Now in the code editor, you can see the lights ... and change fonts, as well as work in full screen mode!

PunBB bbcode test

Setting the script here … ation.html
Documentation here … ation.html

PLEASE developers have included this wonderful scripts in future builds!

Re: Syntax highlighting in a textarea plugin html_code

VSByte has created a plugin with google prettify