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Topic: Testing new spam control.

After my tiny blog was noticed by spambots, I've been plagued by posts galore.
Defensio doesn't work any more! What to do?

I've modified nibbleblog to use the spam detection features at blogspam.net and it seems to work OK.

If you want to try it:

  • Get http://dgriffith.com.au/comment.class.php.txt.

  • Replace the one comment.class.php file that's in admin/kernel/api with this new one. Maybe save a backup copy of the original.

  • Turn on the spam detection feature in NibbleBlog. Blogspam.net only returns "SPAM" or "NOT SPAM", so the thresholds don't do anything.

It weeds out most of the spam. There is a feedback option available to mark posts as spam if required, but I haven't implemented any of it.

I think it should be right for everyone else to use - it gets your blog URL from the settings, and not much else is need for the blogspam API, so let me know how it goes.

edit: There's a few lines that are commented out (lines 249/250) that will log all the spam checks to a file at /tmp/phplog. You can delete the // from the front of each line to enable this while you're testing.


Re: Testing new spam control.

Well, 36 hours of operation and 44 posts have been rejected as spam.

One spam post made it through and I manually posted a training correction to the blogspam site, when that same post was sent again it was blocked.

So, seems to be working OK...... except I can't tell about any false positives yet as nobody posts on my blog. :-p

Re: Testing new spam control.

Nice, I will publish your post on Fb and Twitter. thanks

Re: Testing new spam control.

Thank you very much! I'm testing this now as a solution to the hundreds of spam posts I got daily.

As for now: it seems to be working great!

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Re: Testing new spam control.

Good to see it's doing the job! If you turn on logging as mentioned above and then run:

grep "SPAM" /tmp/phplog | wc -l

It'll report how many spam messages it has weeded out. Mine says 157 so far, but it sounds like your's might be a lot more :-)

Re: Testing new spam control.

Sorry, maybe a newbie question, but I'm seeing this php error at the top of the page after any comment is submitted:

Warning: file_get_contents(http://test.blogspam.net:9999/) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Connection refused

my site is hosted on godaddy so I wouldn't think my server is the problem (?).  I've looked at the php docs for the function but I don't see anything that helps me understand what's going on with this.

I am seeing the comments show up in the queue as they are submitted, so this error is not causing all comments to be trashed. 

Any ideas on why I'm seeing this?


Re: Testing new spam control.

It appears that for some reason your server can't connect to that URL/port combo.

Looking into it a bit further it appears godaddy uses port 9999 for their server management control panels, maybe they're doing something silly with it there.