Topic: How to change post title structure ?

I am new to Nibbleblog, started using just few days back. While I find it something light, fast and effective I think there is a lot to be done. One thing which I noticed and, to be honest, didn't like was the structure of title on all of the posts.
If you look at title on post pages you will notice its structure is

 {Sitetitle} - {Post-title-here} 

It annoys me, I don't know why. So I found a workaround to change structure of post title from

 {Sitetitle} - {Post-title-here} 


{Post-title-here} - {Sitetitle}

To achieve that, first navigate to /admin/boot/rules directory and open file named "98-blog.bit", Now look for the following code in the file :

    // Filter by Post
    if( (($url['id_post']!==null) || ($url['post']!==null)) && !empty($post) )
        $layout['title']         .= !empty($post['title'])?' - '.$post['title']:'';
        $layout['description']    = $post['description'];
        $layout['keywords']        = implode(',', array_map('array_pop', $post['tags']));
        $layout['canonical']     = Url::post($post, true);

        $where_am_i[1] = 'post';

Now change

$layout['title']         .= !empty($post['title'])?' - '.$post['title']:'';


$layout['title'] = !empty($post['title'])?''.$post['title'].' - '.$layout['title']:'';

That's it. Now you will notice that title structure(stuff between <title></title>) of all the posts have changed to Post Title - Sitename

Re: How to change post title structure ?

Thanks for posting!