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Topic: Encoding problem in comments


I use Nibbleblog since about six months now, and it's a very easy to use blog system big_smile
(updated to 4.0.3 this morning)

I have a problem with the comments on the blog (not with the posts).
Some characters are displayed as the htmlentities values. (" or ')
See this page : http://www.initial-team.com/~initmaster … le-part12/

Do you know hos to solve this ?

Thanks in advance for you help

Re: Encoding problem in comments

The "easy" solution is to disable HTML cleaning for comments...

I hope that someone has a better idea.

Re: Encoding problem in comments

I can confirm I have this problem too.

Yeah, disabling HTML cleaning solves it but it is not a really great solution ...


Re: Encoding problem in comments

Hi All.

I'm also facing this problem. Has anyone found a solution yet?

Thanks. J