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Topic: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Hi! I've written a new dark theme for Nibbleblog inspired in Firefox OS' Gaia interface. Feedback and comments appreciated smile

Version: 0.2.1 (pre-release, but stable enough for daily use)
Compatible with Nibbleblog 4.0.3


More screenshots and code available in GitHub.
Download version 0.2.1



  • Support for Nibbleblog 4.0.3

  • Updated social buttons in Techie to use new helpers

  • Fix for embedded YouTube videos displaying over sidebar

  • Minor CSS changes


  • Initial support for Nibbleblog 4.0


  • Initial version

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Sidebar (when plugins enabled)

  • Configurable navigation bar

  • Simple social sharing for posts

  • Old browser detection

  • Content license placeholder at the footer

Configuration Settings

Navigation bar

To add a link to the navigation bar, simply add the following inside the nav_links parameter

'<a href="LINK">TEXT OF THE LINK</a>',

Where LINK would be the url of the page you want to link (i.e. http://www.nibbleblog.com), and TEXT OF THE LINK would be the text you want to appear in the bar (i.e. Nibbleblog)

The above example would result in:

'nav_links'=>array (
    '<a href="http://www.nibbleblog.com">Nibbleblog</a>',

If you wanted the link to open in a new window, you would simply write this instead:

'nav_links'=>array (
    '<a href="http://www.nibbleblog.com" target="_blank">Nibbleblog</a>',

Note that the links of the bar will appear in the order you write them here, for instance:

'nav_links'=>array (
    '<a href="http://www.nibbleblog.com" target="_blank">Nibbleblog</a>',
    '<a href="http://www.forum.nibbleblog.com" target="_blank">Forum</a>',
    '<a href="http://www.docs.nibbleblog.com" target="_blank">Docs</a>',

Would result in the links appearing in the order:
Nibbleblog | Forum | Docs

Social buttons

To show the social buttons, simply change the share_buttons parameter to:


Or if you want to hide them:


Content license

This setting was implemented to have a place to show the content's license, but can be used for any other thing. What you write in the content_license parameter will appear in the bottom left part of the blog. A practical example would be choosing a Creative Commons License (which directly gives you the html code for your page) :

'content_license'=>'<a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/"><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-sa/4.0/88x31.png" /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a>.',


Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Hello great theme! if you want make the changes to v4.0!

and publish at facebook / twitter / google+ !

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Thanks Diego smile

I've already started working on migrating both Ao and Techie to 4.0. I'll upload them in my GitHub when ready.

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Updated Techie theme to work with Nibbleblog 4.0 (please tell me if anything is not working as it should)


Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Excelent work! I uploaded the theme on the demo, and will be included on the next version.

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Minor update for Nibbleblog 4.0.3 big_smile

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie


I have practically arrived in Nibbleblog and I don't know much about programming.

I have managed to more or less change my site theme into a modified simpler and I have added your social buttons..

There is where I have found something that put me sad..

When you share in google+, In the description only appears the blog name (That is not relevant for what I want to do) and the blog home URL. It has the correct link and it works perfecty, but it doesn´t show the post title...

And my question is ¿is there a way to include it? or even better ¿Put it instead of the blog title?

Thank you in advance...

Ps. This is important because as I have embedded the blog in a website I did't want the Blog title, and I wrote lksnadfiphsd. Now it appears everytime I try to share..

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Hi marionun!

I believe Google+ will automatically add the site's title to the shared link, so there is no way avoiding that. However, you can have it appear as something nicer:


I don't know if it will serve the purpose, but to have it appear like that you have to:

- Go into the administrator panel and activate Friendly URLs in Settings > SEO Options
- Set a Site title in that same section of the settings (maybe your website's name?)


Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Thank you for the fast answer..

I have been reading in many sites about these buttons...

And the only thing I havo found to change these is the snippet (https://developers.google.com/+/web/snippet/) that appears after you click on the button...

All they say in the link is like written in Chinese to me... sad

The thing I want now it to change the random letters I wrote for my blog title so when I try to share doesn't say Blogzadsdfe.

I have changed the blog title in the control panel but it doesn't make a change when I try to share...

Maybe I have to contact Diego for changing these..

Thank you very much (and I hope my link helps you to figure out how to put it for your new release of a theme...)

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Thank you!!

The zasfnodìoasjd thing has been solved through the SEO config. Now it shows the permalink...

A great improvement..

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Glad to hear!

On a side note regarding the snippet you posted above, I think that this could be implemented as a plugin in future versions of Nibbleblog, as it works in a similar way to the Twitter Cards plugin.


Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

I'm not discounting the wonderful work you've done on this template, but I never cross-post to Facebook, Google+ or Tweeter. I do share via email though. I was hoping you could tell me how to remove those three icon links and leave the one for email.

Looked in social.bit and post.bit and a few other places, but mucking around with backups of these files didn't get the job done cleanly.


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Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Hi, you have to edit three files:

/views/blog/social.bit and /views/post/social.bit remove the lines:

    <a class="share_facebook" target="_blank" href="<?php echo Post::facebook(Post::title()) ?>"></a>

    <a class="share_plus" target="_blank" href="<?php echo Post::googleplus(Post::title()) ?>"></a>

    <a class="share_twitter" target="_blank" href="<?php echo Post::twitter(Post::title()) ?>"></a>

/views/page/social.bit remove the lines:

    echo '<a class="share_facebook" title="Share on Facebook" href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?'.$postlink.'" target="_blank"></a>';

    echo '<a class="share_plus" title="Share on Google+" href="https://plus.google.com/share?url='.$postlink.'" target="_blank"></a>';

    echo '<a class="share_twitter" title="Share on Twitter" href="https://twitter.com/share?url='.$postlink.'" target="_blank"></a>';

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Thanks! Using your instructions as a hint, I also edited: /views/blog/social.bit to remove those icons from the main page as well.

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Oops, sorry I forgot about that. I'll update my previous post in case anyone wants to do the same.


Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie


I really like your theme. Thank you for your work.
But one thing I would like to change but don't know how.

Let me explain:

It would be nicer if the 2 double arrows would reveal more of  the blog Entry instead of the tags.
And if there the Tag would be accessible via a normal link. The size and style of the "permalink" is more than sufficient.

Some of my visitors only read the intro of a post because the don't see the tiny "read more" link.

Do you know what I mean?

How can I change that?

Greetings Trash

Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie


I know what you mean and I agree that it actually makes a lot more sense. This is one of the things I will take into account when updating the theme when I get some time.

However, if you want this functionality in the current version, you would need to have a look in views / blog / post.bit and views / blog / taglist.bit. Essentially, you "only" need to swap the "tag_button" and "Read More" links and functions, but due to how the code is structured, you may have to reposition things.

I'm sorry I cannot go into more detail, but as I said, I'm a bit short on time, but I promise I will update the theme as soon as possible.



Re: [v0.2.1/nb4.0.3] Techie

Hi, just installed Nibbleblog latest version v. 4.0.3 coffee and decided to use your Techie theme as I think it looks great but I have a problem.

If I install the version of Techie supplied in Nibbleblog base install I noticed an issue with the social link for Facebook (and maybe applies to the others). If I am viewing an individual blog post and click the Facebook link the link to Facebook seems to work ok but If I do the same on the blog home page and click on a specific posts's facebook link the link passed is only the blog's homepage link and not the individual post.

Tried another theme and that works ok. So I thought I should try the latest version of Techie (0.2.1) So I installed this and now the link is ok both on the main page of the blog and the specific post.

But now I have another problem. Only my last blog post shows on the blog home page, is this an error or a setting I need to change myself because on the previous version of Techie I see all my blog posts?

Thanks and Regards