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Topic: [WIP] Sitemap Generator

As some have requested, I decided to make myself a Sitemap generator based on Diego's Atom generator. It's pretty basic for now. It's pretty basic but I have some features already outlined and will be done when I can.

Example: http://k0n3k.tk/sitemap/
More information is available here: http://k0n3k.tk/page/sitemap-generator-for-nibbleblog/

I'm not a programmer and I can only do a little. I decided to use Nibbleblog as a training platform me to do web development as I am still learning. Any help, tips and teaching are appreciated.

Re: [WIP] Sitemap Generator

I'm sure there's a better approach than this, for example, writing a plugin which does everything once installed. I might be able to do that, but well, since I decided to start it this way, I'll stick to this way for now.

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very cool! share if you want on Fb!

Re: [WIP] Sitemap Generator

And so I did. I hope more people will see it and help expand it!

https://www.facebook.com/nibbleblog/pos … 1060468463