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Topic: Theme "Clean Neo"

I added some sligthly changes to the theme "Clean" in Nibbleblog v. 3.4 beta 2:

-Article id displays above article title
-Article date displays under article title
-show/hide on click for comments (hidden by default)
-show/hide on click for comment-form (hidden by default)
-notice-page: "Thank you, your comment has been added" with automatic redirecting to blog


-waiting for a solution to show comments count per post above the show/hide comments button
-waiting for email notification function to admin on new comments

Will try to upload the files somewhere later.
Et voila:


Re: Theme "Clean Neo"

Hi micmac! thanks for the theme!
I will upload on the demo in this days.

Checked the feature for implement!


Re: Theme "Clean Neo"


Demo: my custom Nibbleblog

-Art ID
-Date in post header
-Comments count display, if they are no comments, the button for showing comments is hidden.
-Show/hide buttons for comment list and comment form, right in place on main page.
-Thank you and back to main page added in post view after comment posting.
-Link to admin page in footer

What do you think about?
Any suggestions , critics about layout or functionality?

How about an extra topic place where we can show each other what we are doing with nibbleblog?

Greetings from cold, cold Switzerland.

Re: Theme "Clean Neo"

HI micmac,
very cool, I like the comments appears on the same page as the posts...

On the next version I am change some things, but if for good, like $posts have the comments,... $posts[]['comments']

You can do this for count the comments, $count = count( $posts[ ] ['comments'] )

And some helpers more for add comments.