93 Closed: V 3.31 not working

by meangenius1

94 Closed: Plug-in "HTML" + add slashes

by nommo

95 Closed: not show posts in categories

by vsbyte

98 Closed: No access to admin page

by as

99 Closed: Bugs on admin


100 Closed: Update from 3.21 to 3.3 failed

by Fjodor

101 Closed: 500 Error on Editing new post

by kbeezie

102 Closed: How to deinstall/delete Nibbleblogs?

by micmac

103 Closed: Friendly URLs


104 Closed: (Un)Friendly urls

by robyflc

105 Closed: Post editing error

by robyflc

106 Closed: I can't install blog


107 Closed: arabic URl rewrite

by storkk

108 Closed: Photo upload stuck uploading...

by manda907

109 Closed: Pagination and Comments

by Jimmy

110 Closed: some kind of dirty hotfixe's o.O?

by acidice

111 Closed: Problem In The Setup


112 Closed: RSS Link Tag Missing Href Attribute

by ann1056263

113 Closed: About nibbleblog v3.0.3

by ethan

114 Closed: Issues in httpd error log file

by infrared99

116 Closed: Bug tracking

by diego

117 Closed: Can't delete items

by benvdh

118 Closed: Captcha reloads instead of posting comment

by ann1056263

119 Closed: Category Pagination not working

by Jimmy

120 Closed: Quick Post doesn't publish post content.

by ann1056263